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Articles by Kelly Baggett

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No Bull Bodybuilding Articles

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Jump Training Lesson 1

Jump Training Lesson 2

Jump Training Lesson 3

Using the Olifts to Become a Superfreak Athlete 

Explosive Athletic Potential, Fiber type, and Neural Characteristics

My favorite relative strength training strategy

How to get in shape for basketball

Are Jump Soles Completely Worthless?

Periodization Made Simple

Contrast Loading - A simple way to amplify your workouts

Using Delayed Potentiation to Gain 3-4 inches of Vert in 48 Hrs

Frontal lobe dominance and sports - Is overanalyzing killing your sporting prowess?

How to Palm a Basketball

Are Complexes the Holy Grail for Vert Training?

Is There a Speed and Vertical Jump Gene?

5 x 5 Fpr Vert

Is Going Thru the Motions Always a Bad Thing?

Should Vert Trainees Ignore the Calves?

How to Create a Speed Machine using the Weight Room

Training Q&A roundtable with the experts

Do you KNOW your optimal squat depth?

Assessing and Developing the Vertical Jump - Joint by Joint

What is the BEST supplement for joint health?

How much can vert REALLY be improved?

Can sprint form drills get you faster?

The Importance of Relaxation

The REAL Jumper's knee

Do The Hip Flexors Deserve to be Ignored??

Getting that LAST little bit

Are Short Achilles Tendons a Curse?

How To Fix 95% of Diet and Physique Related Problems

How Important is Exercise Variety?

How to Maintain Your Gains Thru a Grueling Season

Is Emphasizing Your Weakness Always a Good Thing?

Busting Vert and Speed Plateaus

How To Implement and Manage Set and Rep Schemes

Evaluating The 40 yard dash - part I

Evaluating the 40 yard dash - Part II

The Importance of Getting MENTALLY JACKED For Explosive Gains

Non-Functional Muscle Growth - Fact and Fiction

Rate Coding - The Psycho Factor

Unscrambling The Puzzle Of The 1-leg Jump

5 Keys To Becoming a Forefoot Dominant Athlete

The Myth of Relative Strength

3 Simple Things You Can Do To Become a Better Athlete

7 Modern Day Myths About Plyometrics

Why Some People Can Jump But Can't Run.....And Vice Versa

Vertical Jump Calculator

The Top 10 Mistakes When Training For Vertical Jump

How To Improve Quickness and Reaction Time

The Plague of The Mediocre Athlete - No Glutes Equals No Results

The Magic of Manipulating Training Frequency

High Frequency Benching - The Quickest Way To a Rock Solid Bench

Warming up for weight training - How much weight to use? Progressing sets and reps

Are Cleans and Other Olympic Lifts Necessary?

Recovery FAQ

11 Random Tips

Vertical Jump FAQ

The Ultimate Training Split

The Ultimate Split FAQ

Applying Gymnastics Progressions To The Lower Body

Understanding Sport Specific Exercises

This Ain't Rocket Science

An Interview With a Sports Success Coach

Supramaximal Methods - Value of Partials and Limited ROM movements

Workout Templates For Various Athletes

The Simpleton's Guide To Speed Development

Good Feet vs Bad Feet

Hi-Low Training

Simpleton's Guide To Understanding Flexibility

Strength and Power Standards for Young Men and Women

Using Visualization To Enhance Your Sporting Prowess Interview with Kelly Baggett on Vertical Jump Training

What's Up With Squats and Speed Development?

How to Benefit From Planned Overtraining

How To Coax 30 lbs. Out of Your Bench

New Age Isometric Training - Cutting Edge or Bull?

Training Blind

The Path of Champions - Understanding alterations in frequency and volume

Understanding Muscle Fiber Type Part I

Understanding Muscle Fiber Type Part II - Becoming a Fast Twitch Machine!

Quickness & Absolute Speed vs Sports Speed & Explosiveness

Getting Stronger

Performance Strategies for Intermediate and Advanced Athletes

Drop Jumps and Depth Jumps - Shock Yourself into high gear

Benefits and Application of Jump Squats

How Body Structure Influences Expressions of Strength

Plyometric Training For The Upper Body

Force Training

The Importance Of Strength For Enhanced Explosiveness

Football Speed Part I

Football Speed Part II

The Importance Of The Vertical Jump For All Sports

Power - What It Is and How To Get It!

The Best Exercises For Speed and Vertical Jump!

Different Strokes For Different Folks

Plyometric Ability - React Like a Cat and Explode Like Lightning!