3 SIMPLE things YOU can do to become a better athlete TODAY

Here are 3 very simple things you can implement into your daily life that will near instantly make you a better athlete.

1. Get your butt in gear

What do I mean by that? Simple. Get your glutes contributing more in all activities. One simple thing you can do is become more "glute-conscious." Get up and walk around with your hands on your hips and voluntarily engage your butt muscles. As you walk around throughout the day take a few moments and periodically and consciously engage your glutes each time your foot contacts the ground. The more you do this, the more you're strengthen the mind to muscle connections and the better your glutes will function.

2. Activate your forefoot

Most people are rearfoot dominant, which means they carry too much weight on their heels when they walk, run, or move in general. Watch good athletes move. They're always up on the balls of their feet. If you want to be a good athlete you need to get off your rearfoot and onto your forefoot. How do you do that? One simple thing you can do is train barefoot. Your body won't let you move rearfoot dominant when you're barefoot because it'll hurt too much. As an experiment try taking your shoes off and lightly jog a few steps down the street. The ONLY way you can do it is to get up on your forefoot. Don't train on concrete, but if you have access to a fairly soft surface (grass is ideal and most carpet works fine), don't hesitate to scrap the shoes for a while.

3. Apply the above into progressive movement patterns

Try this one simple drill. Find a fairly soft surface, take off your shoes, and place a pencil or piece of tape on the ground. Now, pull your toes back and hop back and forth over it quickly. Try to get as many reps as you can in 10 seconds. With a little practice 30 is a good number to shoot for. Repeat for 2 more sets.

Do the above 3 days per week and after 1 week you'll be moving better GUARANTEED.

These simple things are just a few of the methods I utilize and the things I teach in the No Bull Speed Development Manual.

As an extra tip, knowing how to manage your health properly is another way to help yourself become a better athlete. If you want more insight into how to take care of yourself, consider taking courses in an online healthcare management degree.

In the system I also cover:

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B: Why you're likely to see dance studios being marketed as a form of performance enhancement for athletes in the future.

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Best wishes with your training,