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2004 Q&A

Current Q&A


1. Announcement- Q&A section is moving to the newsletter!
2. How to warm-up for a great workout?
3. What type of surface for jumps? Olympic or powerlifting squats?
4. Getting fat and it's impact on muscle and strenght?
5. Using Vertical Jump Manual for jumping events in track?


1. Supramaximal methods - The value of partials and limited ROM movements for strength and size.
2. Cool plyo drill
3. What's up with my "jump" shot?
4. Quantifying intensity, volume, and recovery
5. Long limbs or short limbs?


1. Misc. Jumping questions - Icing knees vs using a heating pad
2. Isometric Training with rubber bands
3. Resisted sprints, sled drags
4. Evaluating the Athlete
5. What's up with the bodybuilding articles?


1. Explosive lifting or plyos?
2. Gaining strength while burning fat?
3. Implementing conditioning work for rugby without detracting from everything else.
4. Maintaining reactive functions
5. Specific implementation of maximum strength work from speed-training article?


1. Single leg hyperextentions = cutting edge?
2. Explosive strength deficit evaluation
3. Speed of lifting
4. Overcomplicating diet
5. Nate Robinson and Pit Bulls


1. Box squats vs normal squats - When should I use each and which do you prefer?
2. Isometric training for golf - yah or nay?
3. Will flexibility training directly impact plyometric effiency?


1. Excessive dorsiflexion, gait, and the hips.
2. Recommended resources for reading
3. Single limb exercises vs bilateral exercises
4. Sled sprints and combine training


1. CNS recovery and stimulation - Tone vs Lethargy
2. Best conditioning method for basketball
3. Routine critique
4. Morning or evening training?


1. Gaining muscle without getting fat
2. Combining bodybuilding and performance training
3. Ankle strengthening exercises