I finally broke the 40 inch mark! I remember the first time i contacted you and you told me that I could jump over 40 inches I thought you were joking! Now when people ask me how i jump like that i send them the link to your site :)

Frank Yang 40 inch Vert Video

-Frank Yang

I've been following your teaching and techniques for a while now, and my running vert is somewhere between 40 and 42 inches,im 6'1",i can touch the top of the white square on the backboard. I finished the INTERMEDIATE FULL "BALANCED STRENGTH TRAINING + PLYOMETRIC PROGRAM" about 8 months ago and it worked really well for me. I've done multiple routines but gained about a good 4 inches from that routine alone and still havent lost it.

-Dean Coplan

When it comes to sports performance science, Kelly leaves all the gibberish and nonsense OUT and he gets straight to the point of what REALLY works. I utilize many of Kelly's techniques to train many athletes from the Pittsburgh area in a variety of sports for improvements in Vertical Jump, Speed, Explosiveness, Hypertrophy, etc. I put 5" on my own vert already I'm 5 weeks into Intermediate Reactive Focus. All three of Kelly Baggett's books are a must have for anyone serious about unleashing their full athletic potential. Thanks for the great research and sharing it with us all!"

-Bill Nichol, B.S., ISSA Outer Limits Sports www.OuterLim.com

I just want to thank you Kelly for helping me, and many other athletes improve their sports performance! I threw down a powerful jam for the first time and I am so excited for the future. With your training, I know exactly what I need to do to improve, so I never have to worry about not getting any better. At 5'11 and 15 years old, it feals so good to throw down and get rebounds over 6'10, Divison 1 centers! Thank you for being the light in a dark, dark area of sports performace.

My vertical jumped started at 17 inches standing and went all the way to 30 inches standing and about 33 inches running. I can throw down with one hand standing only at 5'11 (and I'm white with hardly any natural talent!).

-Matt Lehner

I have been in the strength and conditioning field for 15 plus years and worked with many athletes over that time period.

Last year I was able to work with an aspiring young basketball player. I utilized much of Kelly's programming with this young man and his dream of a full ride scholarship came to fruition.

In summary, this athlete came to me as a 20 year old, skinny caucasion with better than average basketball skills. He was what I have heard others describe as an "in betweener"! He was pretty much overlooked for scholarship offers as a senior and began to blossom a bit after graduating. He worked his butt off during the summer but was frustrated with his strength workouts. After breaking his fibula in a rec. game he sought out my services. Together with a couple of other specialists, we were able to get him to the point where he could actually workout to improve his performance.

Here were his initial numbers:

3/1/2005 Standing Reach:7’8”

3/1/2005 Vertical Jump(Vertec): 27”

3/2/2005 Body Weight: 150

Back Squat: 205 x 2


5/20/2006 Body Weight: 155

Back Squat: 340 x 1

5/19/2006 Vertical Jump (Vertec): 34.5”

Final PR's Before Leaving For College:

8/14/2006 Body Weight: 160

8/14/2006 Vertical Jump (Vertec): 38"

8/15/2006 Back Squat: 360 x 1

Current Vertical: 40''

Other than applying EMS, we essentially followed Kelly's programs to the letter. The athlete has put 15 inches on his vertical. This was a countermovement jump with no steps. I have helped other athletes to improve 4, 6 and even 8 inches on their verts in the past, but this was simply amazing. I must give Kelly much of the credit for this one as ultimately the "proof was in the pudding"!

End of summer we hand timed his 40 yard dash at just under 4.5. He recently phoned me to say that he was out on the track in Arizona where he is going to school and the track coach watched him beat one of his sprinters in a short race. He indicated to the track coach what he ran the 40 in and the track coach timed him on the spot. The result was a 4.47 electronic 40.

-Mike Doyle
owner - COR-performance - Ogden, UT

I didn't start training with the Vertical Jump Bible until I was 33 years old. I started off with a 24 inch running jump. I've now put 9.5 inches on my VJ and can dunk with ease.

-Beny Blanco

I'd like to thank you for my gains. I was at 5'8 135 lbs and a 19 inch standing vert a month ago. Today, I'm 5'8 145 lbs and now have a 25 inch vertical by following your vjb program! Thats a 6 inch increase in a month!

-Michael Tran

I started and completed your intermediate strength workout. I went from doing reps of 225 on the smith machine to 405lb, 3 sets of 6. Beforehand I could already dunk running with 1 or 2 hands. Now I can dunk at a stand still under the rim. Pretty amazing, I think for a 6'0" 166lb asian guy.

-Jun He

Since starting THIS program, I've been jumping higher than I've ever jumped before in my entire life. The coach always shouts "when are you guna start dunkin for us? Your forearm is above the rim!" When I play, I see guys just look at me and be like "DID YOU SEE HOW HIGH HE GOT?!" Im like a Charles Barkley meets Dennis Rodman. Short for his position, but can grab 10-15 boards a game over guys 6-7 inches taller. It really is amazing. To think that just one year ago I didnt know what a squat was, that I'd just been kicked off the varsity team with chronic injuries and was in the worst shape of my life, and that I hadn't even heard of Kelly Baggett is surreal. Its all on you man. You make dreams come true.

- Hani Haidar

Great job on the Vertical Jump Bible! This was the best 40 dollars I have spent in a long time. I feel like you did a great job bridging the gap with science without watering the info down too much. Even though this book is intended to improve vertical jumping the basic principles you outlined can serve as the foundation for pretty much any training program. Trust me man, I ain't the type to go around kissing butt. But, these books you put out are some of the best I have ever read. Keep up the great work and please continue to put out more products.

- Aaron Walden

Finding you website and buying the vert bible is one of the best things that ever happened to me. It was great! All bases covered, the holy grail of vj training. Also wanted to inform you that after only a week and a half the vj is already up by two inches in the running jump and is up by around 3-4 inches in the standing jump with arm swing. I know this cause I can now touch something 30 inches away from a standstill with arm swing where as before I could only touch something 26 inches away. Thats some super compensation.

update: This is the begining of my third week on my reactive focus program and my vert is up standing by another 2 inches and with a step by another 2 and 1/2 inches. That means in two weeks my one step vert has gone up like 4 and 1/2 inches and my standing by 6 inches. With still being able to potentially increase my strength and then adding in more reactive work I think with the vert bible and individual testing as a guideline I could reach 48+ vertical by the time I peak at 26 years old! thanks kelly!

update 3: Just finished testing the flying in four improvements vert went up about 2 and 1/2 inches in the 4 weeks making my vert now at 38/1/2 running two foot. I am happy with these results, especially considering I put on some weight towards the end with an upper body program I am doing.

p.s. sorry if the constant updates are annoying I am just so pleased I had to tell someone and who better than the person who helped it happen.

- Zack Diamond

My son is a high school basketball player. Like all basketball players, he wants to jump higher and run faster. So about a year ago I started a journey to see if I could help him. I read Charlie Francis, Pavel Tsatsouline, Dr. Mel Siff, Tim Grover (Michael Jordan’s trainer), Dr. Yessis, Westside Barbell, Joe DeFranco, Mark Verstegen, Dr. Carmelo Bosco, even the elusive Deitrich Buchenholz. I’ve looked at Olympic lifting and plyometrics and Bigger Faster Stronger methods. I’ve studied old school strongmen like Paul Anderson and current strongmen John Brookfield and Bud Jeffries. I’ve seen (and bought some of) the devices…jump soles, vibration trainers, EMS machines, Jumpstretch bands and Tendo units. I joined the Supertraining forum, the Charlie Francis forum, the InnoSport forum and read and learned daily. I’ve learned a lot. It’s been great.

In the end, there was one man standing above the rest …Kelly Baggett. Kelly is the undiscovered diamond of performance training for speed and vertical jump in the United States. I’d take him over any of the people I studied because (a) Kelly knows how to get results. Has your trainer increased his vertical jump over 19 inches?? Can your trainer squat over 2.5x his bodyweight? Has your trainer knocked .5 + off his own fourty time?? Kelly has. There’s a lot of real world knowledge that has come to Kelly from "walking his talk" like this. Don’t you want a speed/jump trainer who practices what he preaches?? Even more importantly, don’t you want a trainer who had to TRAIN himself to improve rather than only be a physically gifted freak of nature? ??(b) He’s street smart. He may not have a PHD after his name, but why should he waste his time getting one?? He’s taught himself from the books…and in the real world training many athletes over many years. Why would you trust anyone who hasn’t done both? (c) He’s understandable. He keeps things simple. He communicates clearly.

Last week my son dunked easily at practice and was very proud. Not in a game situation (yet), but a one step clean one handed dunk in front of his friends and at 15 yrs old that felt pretty good to him. I have to give Kelly a lot of the credit.

- Mike O’Neil

I thought I would give you an update regarding the integration of some of your suggestions. I just re-tested 42 high school athletes and had an avg. 3.7 inch increase in VJ in only 4 weeks!

-Brent Ruiz, PhD

I have about two weeks left with Phase 3. I've really liked these workouts a lot. I'm waiting until the phase is over to measure my vertical but judging by my games I have probably gained about 3 inches so far on this phase and over 10 overall! These have been my biggest gains so far! Also, my weight is down to 192 so I'm pretty happy about that. I've cut back the cardio quite a bit because I'm happy with my diet and weight loss and I didn't want the cardio to get in the way of my results.

-Brad Labrot

I have completed the beginners plyometric routine and I was strength training also. At the end of 12 weeks I was squatting 1.1 times BW and Deadlifting 1.1 times BW. I took about 2 weeks off and let me tell you, I had some great improvements. My speed and explosiveness had improved and I felt great on the bball court.

-Simone Jackson

I just wanted to thank you for the program. I used the beginner plyos then wen to the beginnner weights and in 24 weeks gained 10 inches on the standing vertical and 13 overall! I've gone from 18 inches up to 31. I am now entering the novice plyos. By the way I am 32 and still making gains. Thanks again for a great program!

-Brian Hancock

I just wanted to thank you for all of your help and guidance! I finished the year 1st in the GFL in sacks (14), 3rd in the GFL in Tackles (113) and 3rd in the GFL in Tackles for Loss (23), along with 2 or 3 blocked punts and a couple interceptions. I vowed not to look at statistics all year because i didn't want them to motivate me, but I was pleasantly suprised to see these numbers when I checked last week. I owe a large debt of gratitude to you by way of your unique perspectives and informative articles and the original workout plan you gave me and all the little tidbits you so genrously gave to me. This was by far the greatest football season i've had, both statistically and the realm of joy (to which i owe Elsewhere). Thank you.

-Kyle Horne

Just finished reading the book and I think it's great. Really liked the analysis of jumping technique too and already immediately put a couple of inches on my two foot takeoff concetrating on keeping my jump stop like a low skip as you said.

update: Got another update for you Kelly - put together the low skip with the relaxed legs and power off through the balls of my feet and I can throw down two handed on soft slippy grass with a few steps run up! I am salivating at the prospect of training when I'm healthy again!

-Anthony Ball

I've got your VJ Bible and I gotta tell you that I'm so pleased with the results so far that I wish I had bought it a year ago! with only two weeks of training I'm able to dunk with only two steps instead of six!!

M.J. Muwasi

Today I ws at the park and I was flying!! two hands, one hand tomahawk and reverse I put down. Everybody was surprised! My friend was sayin "last time I saw you, you could just grab the rim".

-Andre Ellis

Not only is this the best vertical jump information out there but it's the best information on sports training that I've ever seen as well.

-Coach Bob Tomlinson

Thank you for putting together the VJ Bible. Of all the programs and promises I've tried over the years (and I've tried many) this is the first to deliver on it's promises. I have seen consistant and measurable gains in the weight room and on the court. My one-step and jump vert has gone up 6-7 inches and my running vert has gone up 4 or 5.

-Matt Fenton

I just read your Vertical Jump Development Program and I must say it is the best piece of training material I have ever seen.

-John Leathers

It has been a real privilege training under Coach Baggett. I've been training hard the last 7 years and am a Sr. All American linebacker. The results that I have seen in the last 3 months are nothing short of astounding. For starters I improved my fourty yard dash by .2, my bench by 30 lbs, and my vertical jump by 3 inches! while also dropping my body fat by roughly 4%! Coach Baggett not only set me up with a workout plan that was specifically tailored for my needs but aided me by correcting my running form, setting me up with a dietary plan, and educating me on various exercise science issues that were practical for my individual development. He is a coach that produces results, not just fatigue!

-Jeff Howard -

How do you know so much? Really you cover everything, from toxic issues, general health, supplements, strength training, speed training, diet, e.t.c its incredible, I'm amazed by how much you know your stuff!

-Dylan Hughes

You must be magic...I implemented a few of your tips in my training (heavy & dynamic GHR, snatch deadlifts, less volume) and I just went to a meet and PR'd in the Long jump by 5" into a headwind, same deal in the triple jump PR of 30", PRd in standing vertical by about 1" (32.5"). I am still messing around with my 100m start (switched feet) but it is feeling better.

-Ashley Mort

Here are my 2 month results:

Bench press: 265lbs to 285lbs

Squat: 490lbs to 505lbs.

40 yard dash:4.53 seconds (with some wind at my back) to 4.49 sec. (a little wind to my side)

Vertical jump: 24 or 25 inches to 32.5 inches.

agility: 4.5 seconds to 4.16 seconds.

-David Pratt

I have done 2 workouts of the program you sent and I gotta admit I gained quicker than I think I ever have before. It's great to gain about an inch or so after only a couple workouts, got 4 more to do so thas tight.

-Mark Shay

I'm finishing up the first week of the workout and nutrition plan workout and my hops have gone up very quickly. I can dunk now sometimes and I'm currently 5'9 with a 7'7 reach. Thanks for the programs I will keep you updated with gains.

-Kevin Kirby

At my recent powerlifting meet I pulled a 455, squatted 335, and benched 275 in the high school RAW 165 lb. class. That was good enough for a state record and a 50 lb PR in the deadlift in only 2 months.

-Dustin Smith

I have e-mailed you previously and asked about the upper body altitude drop and you directed me to a web site that actually had a demonstration of the exercise. Thank you again for that!

In the time since that e-mail I have been doing some research on the internet about plyometrics (in addition to ordering a video featuring Adam Archuleta). I have found yours to be the most well-written and informative articles I have come across. I have read "The Best Exercises For Developing Speed and Vertical Jump" and "Plyometric Ability-React Like A Cat And Explode Like Lightening!".

I am wondering if there are any other articles you may have written that I have yet to read. If so, can you please direct me to them.

Thank you very much

- Jan Schyndler

I got a customized program for my birthday, and I 100% reccomend this stuff to anyone. I couldn't have received a more quality program with thought put into it. I'm on week 3 now, so I will see how I gain pretty soon. I can now also basically set up my training for the next few months off of his workouts.

- Kevin Martin

Where the hell did you find this guy?

-NFL team staff member

Definetly one of my all time favorite sports performance sites on the net.

Im on the 3rd week of your second workout program, thanks for everything my vert has increased quite a bit since I've been doing your programs.

-Gilbert Parker

20 min. after doing the #2 UB workout for the second time, we had to do maxes for our football team. Since I am mainly interested in perparing for the season, i just continued on with my workouts instead of doing a real max. But anyway, I maxed at 310 lb, and did 225Lb. 13x on the bench! I know that bench isn't that important, but I just noticed how much i have jumped up in strength (plus speed, agility, and ...just performance) since ive started working with you. I did 225Lb. about 5 or 6 times on a full rested day monthes ago. My lifts were the best on our team, and im only a 190lb. RB and LB. Just wanted you to know that your methods and help are very effective and appreciated!

-David Pratt

I started off with the 110 conditioning test. Here are my results: 11 110s with 45 seconds rest in 15 seconds or less. I just missed number 12, I was about 10 meters away. A month ago I could only run 4 so 4 to 11 in this short a period of time is amazing! However, this is not the kicker.

After I finished this grueling workout I saw some guys on the track getting timed in the 40 by their coach. Well I asked the coach if I could join them. Well I ran 3 40s and you will not believe the times I ran. (This was about 15 to 20 minutes after the 110 conditioning test)

40 #1= 4.35
40 #2= 4.39
40 #3= 4.40

I rested close to 5 minutes between each one. This got me hyped though. If I could do that in a fatigued state what do you think would happen if I was properly warmed up?

-Phil Twine

That squat and deadlift workout you gave me was awesome. My deadlift went from 375 to 425 and my squat from 335 to 405 in only a little more then one month! I also weigh in at under 150. I had never done that style of training before but it worked great! I can't wait to see how this impacts my wrestling when season starts.

-Jeremy Gonzales

I made a lot of progress with my strength/conditioning this summer. My bench is up to 175, full squat 315, and power clean of 195. I have had some pretty big changes.

- Juan De Los Santos.

I've been training with your methods on developing a higher vertical leap and my results of been fantastic. Before coming across your site I had been wasting several years trying to increase my vertical leap for basketball standing at a height of 5'9 , but nothing seem to work. I tried those countless bodyweight and commmercial programs. But finally I got down to business and used my head and put a scientific approach to my training. Reading all your articles and the q and a's and studying such things as what weaknesses I had I put together my own program using the principles that you preached and currently jumping higher than ever. I can almost dunk. I went from being able to grab rim to easily missing dunks.

Plyos never ever worked for me. I'm still training and still trying to get my squat to at least two times my bodyweight and hopefully I can add some olympic lifts and such. I know this might not seem like a lot to you but it has improved my game so much. I always recommend your site on other forums and such and can not wait till the vertical leap bible comes out.

-Tony Yin

On your muscle gain program I gained at an incredibly fast rate. The first month I was up 12 lbs and strength was up an easy 25% on everything. Within 6 months I'd gone from 165 to 195 without any increase in bodyfat.

-Kerry Edwards

I always go to your site and read the articles over and over there -phenomenol.

- Karl Washington

First off I just wanted to thank you, I ordered your vertical jump program a couple weeks ago and have done 4 session doing them every 8 days, I went from being an inch or two below a NBA regulation backboard on layups to clapping 3/4 of my whole hand after layups, I still have another 4 sessions left before I have to change programs.

- Jordan Martin

"I've been using your programs for 4 months now. I've decreased my 40 times .3 seconds and increased VJ 6".

- Larry Kirby

After reading your q&a and articles I realized for the last 2 years I've been doing the wrong sort've training for me. I was plenty strong enough but I needed to build up my explosive and reactive strength. I got set up on a program adn Im moving better now after 1 month then I ever have before.

- Wendell Edwards