2004 Q&A


1. Optimal volume of intense plyometrics
2. Tennis - speed and agility
3. Diet and supplements effect on vertical jump - Resources
4. Unilateral jumping and leg dominance


1. Unilateral jump technique
2. Plyometrics for muscle growth
3. Lack of strength and reactive ability - lack of spring and reactive ability
4. powerlifters, olympic lifters, sprinters, and time off before a meet


1. Technique and muscular loading
2. Tips for bilateral jumping - calf routine
3. Stronger, Bigger, or both?
4. Eccentric vs concetric and motor unit recruitment.


1. Is soreness necessary for muscle growth?
2. Potentiation techniques for sprinting
3. Comparing the strength qualities and performance of 2 different people.
4. How strong is strong enough - How strong is too strong?


1. More depth drop questions
2. Speed questions - stride frequency, vertical plyometrics, volume, the start, power, harnesses, overspeed devices
3. Static-Dynamic method for power and strength.


1. Running speed and power
2. Drop jump technique and the posterior chain
3. Ideal time of day for training - Mixing boxing and basketball


Training Tips - Make things easy!
1. Upper body plyos
2. Chains and bands
3. Glute-hams, reverse hypers, and alternatives.


1. Training for your body type and internal physiology
2. Modifying training for tall athletes
3. Wearing jumpsoles around during the day - eccentric training


1. Knee pain, Osgood-Schlauters disease, and acne.
2. Gymnastics moves for strength
3. Band assisted depth landings
4. How to make the best use of weighted vests.
5. Maintaining speed during football season
6. What age does vertical jump ability peak?


1. Core training and athletic ability
2. Negatives and muscle fiber recruitment
3. Leg power and eccentric strength for track
4. Vertical jumps of pro football players vs basketball players
5. Slide boards and reaction balls


1. Can I make gains in agility simply training for speed?
2. 4-step progression for agility, speed, and vertical jump development.
3. Working up to a 3rm
4. Benefits of unilateral vs bilateral exercises
5. One leg power deficit


1. Improving agility for football
2. Supplement question
3. Speed and strength balance
4. Unilateral jumps and flexibility
5. Vertimax question


1. Leg training 4 days per week.
2. Bad knees and squats.
3. Can jogging improve jumping ability and speed?
4. Get Stronger!
5. Neck work for a football player.
6. In-season training for strength maintenance.
7. Jordan now a bodybuilder?


1. Speed and agility centers
2. Shin splints
3. The static-dynamic method for improving power
4. Squat flexibiliy
5. Ground contact times during depth jumps
6. Want to get in shape but don't want to work


1. Effect of todays training on tomorrows performance.
2. Warming up for a great workout
3. Sport specific training for the calves
4. Increasing weights for strength


1. Movement efficiency progressions and power vs strength training
2. Ab exercises
3. Shoulder presses dangerous?
4. Improving the volleyball approach jump.


1. When will the vertical jump manual be offered? Do you offer any other programs?
2. Sprint problems - overstriding, long ground contact times, inferior backside mechanics
3. Anaerobic endurance training for a boxer
4. What do I need to fly?


1. Prescribing rep ranges for hypertrophy based on muscle fiber type.
2. Box squats vs regular squats
3. What is a feeder workout?
4. Shoulders and the vertical jump


1. How much strength do I need to benefit from plyometric exercises?
2. How can I increase strength and power without putting on size?
3. Neural fatigue and the energizer bunny


1. Combine testing
2. Are kettlebells, club bells, swiss balls, and bodyweight exercises useful?
3. How much rest do I need in between sets for power, speed, and strength work?


1. How do you organize and assign a plyometric workout?
2. Increasing power at toe off in the vertical jump
3. What do you think of lifting belts?


1. What type of training would you use for a young football and basketball player?
2. Biggest sports training mistakes? How to use auto-regulatory training.
3. A 10 week program for a volleyball team to increase vertical jump.


1. Offseason program to increase posterior chain and lower body strength.
2. Program to increase power for a speed deficient boxer.
3. Is strength to bodyweight ratio a valid indicator for determining performance?


1. Is there a direct correlation between size and strength?
2. How strong can a person become before they need to gain muscle weight?
3. Cardiovascular activity for "enhancing" speed and power?


1. What are your favorite exercises for the posterior chain?
2. Physiques and bodyfat levels of elite sportsmen.
3. What are some of the strength ratios you like to see in the weight room with your athletes?


1. Getting huge and explosive at the same time - is it possible?
2. Aging and speed - Is there anything I can do to avoid losing it?
3. The ultimate upper body speed and power drill


1. Plyometrics - Taking force in vs putting force out?
2. How do I determine basic plyometric function?
3. Training for strengths vs training for weaknesses - How do I determine these?


1. Should I train cleans to failure?
2. What type of diet do you recommend?
3. Will an increase in vertical jump carry over to a lift?


1. Should I be training my calves for track, football, and basketball?
2. What do you think of the power clean? Is it a necessity if I want to get more explosive?
3. What do you think of agility ladders and other agility specific devices? How do you increase agility?


1. I'm obsessed with my vertical jump - HELP!
2. How do you structure your weekly training split for weight room and speed work?
3. Is running speed all genetic? What can I do about it?

1. Tips on standing broad jump improvement
2. Are weighted vests and sleds worth it?
3. Optimal hamstring training for sprinting


1. Is there an optimal weight or bodyfat percentage one should carry for optimal speed and explosiveness?
2. How to increase punching power.
3. How to gain muscle while increasing speed.


1. Supplements to increase muscular recruitment Ability
2. Conditioning for football while simultaneously increasing speed
3. Yearly planning to maximize everything required for football


1. Should a 9 year old be performing plyometric drills and weight training?
2. Fast twitch fibers - fact or fiction?
3. Getting stronger but not any faster - what's the problem?


1. How low should I go on squats?
2. The right type of training for a female basketball player.
3. How should a veteran volleyball player increase his vertical jump?
4. The reactive resources jump test.

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