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2005 Q&A

2005 Q&A


1. Best exercises for volleyball
2. 44 yrs old - too old to improve vertical?
3. General to specific strength carryover
4. More on quickness vs explosiveness


1. Simpleton's guide to understanding flexibility
2. How to troubleshoot problems and lack of progress?
3. Full rom vs partial rom training


1. Knee pain, flexibility, and stretching
2. Training by the "Hi-Low" method
3. Good feet vs bad feet
4. Organizing skill training for basketball


1. Is sports specific explosive training necessary?
2. Is it even possible to get too strong?
3. Regional hypertrophy fact or fiction
4. Sample inseason program


1. Squat replacements for tall athletes?
2. How to accurately measure vertical jump?
3. Becoming more of a "perceptionist" personality in sports.
4. Running without whittling away
5. Anabolic hormones and caloric surplus


1. Problems with flat feet?
2. Inseason basketball training?
3. Big Eating yay or nay?
4. Hardgainers gene?


1. Evaluating training aids and gimmicks
2. Improving a skill or movement without practicing that particular skill
3. Can HIT training be effective for hypertrophy and strength?


1. Training via the drop-off method
2. Straining the Quadriceps
3. Real world body typing


1. Lower body training templates
2. Monitoring CNS fatigue and differntiating between external and internal fatigue
3. Hill sprints?
4. Where exactly do plyometric exercises fit in to a sports training regimen and what do they do that strength training doesn't?
5. Overload eccentric training and hypertrophy?
6. Explosive when sprinting but not jumping?


1. Converting a distance runner into an explosive athlete - is it possible?
2. What should I study if I want to get into performance coaching?
3. How long will it take to put 20+ inches on my vertical jump?
4. Muscle soreness, muscle damage, and insulin sensitivity


1. Strength training without weights
2. Will dropping fat always help one get faster?
3. Lateral velocity and agility
4. No BullCrap training series
5. The difference between strength-speed and speed strength.


1. Quickness vs Explosiveness- If you're not quick can you ever be explosive?
2. Sprint training for basketball - Is top speed important?
3. 265 lbs and want to get off the ground
4. Athletic Quickness - Is isometric band tension worth a crap?


1. Will sprint training transfer to boxing speed and other activities??
2. Can increasing strength ever be negative?
3. Vertical Jump training and conditioning?
4. Bodyweight squats vs loaded squats?


1. The effect of hormones on strength and power production - Nitrous oxide vs unleaded.
2. The afer-effect phemonenon.
3. Treadmill training for speed development - worth it or not?
4. Slow man's muscle groups? Fast man's muscle groups?


1. Neural specifity and transfer of strength.
2. Should a basketball player train like a football player?
3. Weak but fast - what's right and wrong with me?


1. Strength assessments and standards for females?
2. Muscle growth - The importance of density vs load - Sarcoplasmic vs Sarcomeric growth?
3. Vertical Jump Development Bible questions
4. Critiquing and optimizing a routine


1. High cut calves, tendon stiffness, and other structural considerations
2. Losing the fat
3. Certifications
4. Sample exercise progressions for a beginner - Progressions for a single armed pushup


1. Deceleration training
2. Real world function of the hamstrings
3. Creatine and it's effects on explosive power - stretching samples


1. Defensive backs and hamstrings
2. Driving to the hole; tendon strengthening
3. Conjugate training; Chuck Vogehlpohls vertical jump and sprint
4. Repetition conversion charts and what they tell you


1. Brain typing fact or fiction?
2. Work capacity?
3. Visual deprivation training?


1. Conjugate training
2. Length of time necessary to go from beginner to intermediate to advanced.
3. Emotional arousal and speed, rate of force development, carrover of specific plyometric activities


1. front squats vs back squats?
2. Leg training for endurance runners?
3. Plyometrics and high speed eccentrics vs regular slow speed training?


1. Landing style on depth drops
2. Height of jump in order to create "x" amount of force upon landing
3. How long does it take to gain muscle size when starting a training program?
4. Mixing deadlifts and o-lifts.


1. Genetic strength potential and its relationship to genetic size potential.
2. Length of time one should focus on reactive ability.
3. Exercise for glutes
4. Average vs elite athletes and body structure, fiber composition, central nervous system