Individualized Programs and Services

I started with a mission to help as many people as possible excel in reaching their athletic goals. I hope to build up the overall level of training knowledge for everyone by providing plenty of high quality free information on this site, but there's no better way to experience true results than with an individualized program designed specifically for you.

I offer program design, evaluation, and consultation services at affordable prices to help get you to your goals faster.

Take a moment to browse through the packages and feel free to contact me if I can be of any service for you.


=============================================== Package #1

Individualized Monthly Program Design and video analysis with Full Monthly Support

If you feel you could use some direction in order to maximize your training efforts and are really ready to give it all you got and commit 100% then this service is for you!

Do you have a try-out or something else you're preparing for? Or do you just want to maximize your results as quickly as possible?

Whatever you need to get the results you want I'll get you there. Essentially I will be working with you! I will set you up on a program specifically designed for you based on the information you provide me.

I'll evaluate your goals, your current training, your background, test your strength qualities, evaluate your nutrition, and from what you tell me I'll create a program designed specifically for you, your training (sporting) goals, and your body. No stone is left unturned!

This package includes

-Detailed and individualized program design along with specific nutritional/dietary recommendations to compliment your training.

-Unlimited email support- any and every question you have regarding your training will be answered daily throughout the month.

-Video Analysis: If you have any video playing your sport or training I will review it so I can make more specific recommendations and adjust things on the fly

-Monitored progress reports- weekly or bi-weekly you will provide me with a detailed progress report regarding how the program is working for you; changes will be made on the fly to ensure that you get the promised results.

I am offering all of the above for only $150.00 for the first month and only $50 each month thereafter!

For more information email me

=================================================== Package #2

30 Minute Phone Consultation

Do you have a pretty good handle on your training but just need a little help or have some questions you need answered? Take advantage of my knowledge with a 30 minute consultation. Personally consult with me and I'll go over and answer any questions you have. This package includes a 30 minute consultation via telephone or MSN/AOL messenger - the choice is yours.

As time allows I'm offering this service for only $49.99!

Package #3

Personalized Nutrition Program

Gain Muscle, Lower Your Body-fat, Improve your performance, and get an awesome set of Abs!

Everyone desires a lean, powerful, and muscular body with a tight and defined mid-section. Now you can get yours! By taking advantage of my years of experience in this area and learning how to optimally fuel your body you won't just look better but you'll perform better. You'll also prevent injury, recover faster, and progress much faster. If you're serious about becoming a better athlete your nutrition and body composition must not be neglected. Do you need to gain weight or lose weight? To perform at your best and look your best there's no doubt about it - You must feed your body the proper balance of macronutrients.

If you want to shape up, lose body-fat, or gain solid muscular bodyweight I will teach you how!

High carb, low carb, low fat, low calorie, what's the answer? With so many different diet plans to choose from it's no wonder everyone is confused.

With this program I will start off by giving you a comprehensive metabolic evaluation to determine what type of diet will work best for you as an individual. I will then personally design a diet for you and send you lessons via email over the course of a month that will teach you how to eat and exercise to meet your goals. I will also answer any and all questions you have throughout the month.

You will learn:

- What foods you should eat for optimum performance

- How to structure your nutrition to the energy requirements of your sport

- How to identify low grade food intolerances which cause bodyfat accumulation, sap your energy, and wreak havoc on your mental state

- Why diet, not exercise, is responsible for 90% of your success when it comes to tightening up your midsection or building muscle

- How your fat storage patterns indicate how you should best be exercising, eating, and supplementing for your goals

- Learn how to eat in a cyclical fashion so that you get stronger, faster, more muscular, and leaner.......all at the same time!

- How to structure your meals so that you gain weight without stuffing yourself and burn off body-fat without starvation and excessive hunger

- Learn how to take advantage of meal timing and why the timing of your meals is often more important then the total amount of calories you consume

- Learn how to construct your own personalized diet - without spending 12 hours each day reading food labels, preparing meals, and obsessing over minutia

- How to precisely determine how many calories and how many grams of protein, carbs, and fat you should be consuming each day to meet your goals

- The most important times of the day to eat for increased recovery, muscle growth and fat burning.

- Why you should NOT avoid eating dietary fat and what certain types of fats actually make you leaner!

- How things like mood, personality, and energy give us insight into determining what type of diet and food choices work best for us.

- Learn why aerobic exercise is definitely NOT the answer for an athlete in a speed/power dominant sport

- Take advantage of the best type and method of exercise to lose fat while dramatically improving your sports conditioning

- Proper supplementation - Learn what supplements are worth the money and have the ability to help you build muscle, lose fat, or increase your energy levels

- How to precisely manipulate your hormonal state through diet and exercise

- Why most diet and exercise programs cause your metabolism to function like a fuel efficient Honda Civic when you should actually strive to be a gas guzzling fuel inefficient SUV or muscle car!

- How to accurately assess and monitor your bodyfat in less then 20 seconds per day

- Why occassionally having your cake......and eating it nearly a necessity for optimum fat loss

All this for only $99.00 per month!

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