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I'm 5’9” and dunking - This Free Course Will Help Teach You How I Did It!

“I improved my vertical jump from a pathetic 23 inches to a jaw dropping, making the coaches salivate 42 inches” - KB

From the desk of: Kelly Baggett
April 24, 2005
Sunday 2:18 PM

Dear aspiring athlete,

Do you want to know in gruesome detail the training secrets of the best vertical jumpers in the world?

If you said, "YES", then this is going to be a very eye-opening day for you...

Because I am going to send you a 100% free 3-part e-course that will teach you step-by-step how to Master Your Vertical Jump. When you are finished reading my course, you will have a newfound understanding of how to to go about consistently increasing your vertical jump for as long as you desire.

Here's what you'll discover:

  • The 3 most Important things I learned to improve MY vertical jump from 23 to 42 inches.

  • Mastering Technique - how to increase your Vertical Jump up to 3 inches within hours simply by learning and applying the correct technique.

  • Programming Your Central Computer- The importance of the mind to muscle connection and why most people are only able to use 60% of their potential muscular force. How you can tap into the dormant 40%.

  • The Importance of Strength- How strong you need to be for a spectacular vertical jump. Are you strong enough?

  • Identifying and Understanding Individualities- Why a Cookie Cutter Routine Won't Cut It.

  • What type of jumper are you?- Are you a strength jumper or an elastic jumper?

  • Understanding the different types of training- What type of training will you respond best to now and in the future? Are plyometrics the answer for you or is strength training the answer?

  • Jumping Styles- The difference between a 2-leg and one-leg jump and the best exercises for each style.

  • Learn how body types, limb lengths, and body structure influence the vertical jump and what you can do to optimize yours.

  • The importance of the mind to muscle connection and why you can almost always get up better in a game situation vs practice. Learn how to tap into that extra explosiveness all the time.

    If you're serious about jumping higher – much higher, this information will help you do it. Best of all - it's free!

    Simply fill out the form below and you'll receive the first installment of your 3-Steps to Vertical Jump Mastery course via email immediately. Don't worry, we have a very strict anti-spam policy and your email is 100% confidential. Yes, this is 100% free and will arrive in 3 email installments. If you don't enjoy the first topic you can immediately unsubscribe. Before submitting the form please doublecheck your email address to make sure you spelled it correctly.

    Mastering The Vertical Jump

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    I promise that you won’t be disappointed. But your competition most certainly will.


    Kelly Baggett
    Performance Consultant