"The Curse of The Natural Muscle Seeking Athlete"

Face it. You don't have great muscle building genetics. Chances are pretty good you're skinny-fat. Skinnier then you wanna be and perhaps fatter then you wanna be as well. No, you’re not “technically” fat and no, you’re not skinny to the point of being an anorexic, an extreme hard-gainer, or an 80’s rock star. But you don’t have a tendency to carry much muscle and don’t have a tendency to be very lean either. Oh, through your own hard efforts you might have a decent 6-pack going on. But if that's the case, I’ll bet you probably have to really bust your butt to maintain it and that severely limits any chance you have at building a substantial amount of muscle, doesn't it?

Let me ask you a few questions:

Are you one of these guys who isn’t really blessed in either the leanness nor the muscular departments?

Do you know in your own mind that you really could be carrying substantially more muscle than you carry now?

Are you tired of turning into a tub of lard every time you try to increase your calories put on muscle?

Are you one of those guys or gals who has really busted your butt to get lean and won't compromise when it comes to losing your abs?

Are you tired of the old bulk and cut approach to muscle gain?

Are you a former "pudgy" guy who finds you smooth out to pillsbury doughboy status faster then the rising gas prices everytime you increase your calories?

Does the amount of muscle you've gained correlate with how much effort you’ve put into it and how long you've been training?

Are you not one of those genetic freaks who can pack on 30 pounds of fat without an ounce of body-fat?

Are you one of those guys who has to spend an eternity doing cardio just so you can maintain some sort've leanness?

Do you hate doing cardio?

Do you hate starving to death for months on end in an effort to shed the fat you accumulated during your "bulking" phase?

Would you be happy with a 2 pound increase in SOLID muscle mass every 14 days without ANY increase in bodyfat?

If you answered yes to any of those questions you just might be in luck. Introducing:

The No Bull Muscle Gain Plan

How to Add Slabs of muscle without turning into a tub of lard in the process

"Defying The Curse of The Natural Muscle Seeking Athlete"

Does This Sound Familiar?

You know the story: You pay your dues and spend hours, days, months, or even years researching training, nutrition, and supplementation. You see what others have done and you plan out a training phase that you hope will put 10, 20, 30, or 40 pounds of muscle on you. You attack your training with the ferocity of a pit bull. You know muscle don’t grow out of thin air so you eat like there’s no tomorrow. Four, 5 or 6 months later you now have some semblance of muscle on you but it’s covered in a rather large veneer of lard. So, you take the next step and decide to diet the fat off.

"The Cut"

You approach your diet with the same intensity and dedication that you approached your mass building phase – You do hours of boring cardio week after week all while subsisting on a diet that wouldn’t be enough to nourish a kitten, much less a hard training bodybuilder. You shed the fat, yet, 4, 5, or 6 months later you look in the mirror and realize you look EXACTLY the way you did when you first started your mass building phase! All that time and effort thrown down the drain. You scratch your head, wonder what went wrong, and perhaps even repeat the entire cycle again – only to get the same results again. At this point you decide to do one of 4 things:

A: Give up training

B: Resort to steroids

C: Resort to wishful thinking
(well I’ll just train hard, eat normally, maintain my current state of leanness and hopefully, over time my muscular bodyweight will dramatically increase without me having to do anything dramatic.)

D: Resort to wishful thinking and start spending enough money per month on supplements to feed a small country: (surely all these high tech supplements have to be doing something don’t they?)

How Widespread Is It?

As I take a close look around it’s fairly apparent that the majority of hard training bodybuilders are in the “C” and “D” group. How many people do you see in the gym supplementing like crazy and training their butt off day after day, week after week, year after year who look EXACTLY the same as they did several years ago? I’d say it’s a majority.

Here’s the problem:

Unfortunately, if you’re a genetically average guy your internal body chemistry is not “wired” to be very good at either building muscle or shedding fat.

Muscle is built by a combination of the anabolic signals your body produces that "tell" a muscle to grow, such as testosterone and IGF-1, along with nutrient intake, which supplies raw material for growth. If you don't have naturally good anabolic signaling (aka - good genetics), you have to make up for that by providing more raw material for growth to occur.

Eating Is Anabolic - In 2 Ways

The problem is, the amount of food intake necessary for some people to gain muscle also means a lot of that raw material spills over into adipose tissue, which is why some hapless souls will gain 2 pounds of fat for every pound of muscle they gain, regardless of how clean their diets are, how they combine their meals, what specific foods they eat, or how they train. That is the honest to goodness truth!

Thus, the only way many of you can grow some decent muscle size is if you eat enough food to feed a 3rd world country. That’ll put some muscle on you but also turns you into an oversized whale!

Now, what happens when you decide to shed that fat? Well, since your body is not really “wired” to hang onto muscle or easily shed fat, as soon as you start reducing your calories you start pissing away muscle faster then the speed at which a tornado destroys trailer parks in Arkansas.

Are there any solutions to these problems?

Yes, there are always solutions, but of course, some solutions are more effective than others. There aren't a shortage of supplements out there purported to solve the problem, but of the thousands of supplements available less then a handful have a shred of scientific evidence backing them.

The most obvious solution is steroids. To quote Dan Duchaine, “The reason people use steroids is because the damn things work!" Not only do steroids allow you to build muscle faster then average, but more importantly, they allow you to preferentially “direct” nutrition into lean muscle mass rather then fat and on a cut, they allow you to easily shed fat while maintaining all muscle. But steroids are obviously illegal.

Is there anything else?

Well, you could spend years experimenting, studying, and deciphering all sorts of ways on how to best train and diet so that you partition, or direct, more gains towards your muscle cells and away from your fat cells.

There really hasn’t been a good answer or plan for the problem of building muscle while staying lean. There are dietary and training approaches focused on body-fat loss that are effective for those wishing to shed a significant amount of fat without losing muscle, such as Lyle McDonald’s Ultimate Diet 2.0, yet no such similar plan exists for the guy wanting to take his scale weight and strength UP into the stratosphere, while getting or staying lean. Since bodybuilding is really about BUILDING the body and not wasting away while eating like a bird, I was determined to come up with a solution to allow true bodybuilding.

The No Bull Muscle Building Plan is a plan I devised after several years researching, observing, and experimenting with different strategies to allow the genetically average guy to build a significant amount of muscle while staying lean, or even lose some fat wile building muscle.

What is The No Bull Muscle Building Plan?

Simple! It is an 82 page manual where I go through and talk about all the problems related to natural muscle building then I tell you how to solve those problems. The program itself involves a fairly specific cyclical eating and training scheme that is designed to allow the genetically average guy to substantially increase their muscular bodyweight without turning into a fat tub of lard in the process and while perhaps even shedding fat while building a good chunk of muscle. Its primary purpose is as a lean muscle gaining plan.

What this manual is not?

It is not a plan that will magically put 30 pounds of muscle on you and transform your body over night. It does require work. It does not replace hard work at the gym and dedication to your nutrition, but I do feel it will enable you to get the most out of the work you do put into transforming your body.

What are some results people have had with it?

Here is a sampling of the results some testers have had with the plan:

Tester A: Was in his 40’s with 5+ years bodybuilding experience. When bulking in the past he would typically put 2 pounds of fat for every pound of muscle. He went through 2 different versions of this plan and on both occasions averaged nearly a 2lb muscle gain per week without any fat gains whatsoever.

Tester B: Was a guy in his late 20’s with about 9 years of bodybuilding experience. Even with very clean eating habits and dedicated training the best he could do in the past when bulking was net a gain of 1:1 lean to fat ratio. On this plan he was able to gain a consistent one pound of solid muscle per week without any fat gain.

Tester C: Was a guy in his early 20’s with about 5 years of training experience. He was about 200 pounds at 12% bodyfat. He followed the plan and was able to shed approximately 10 pounds of bodyfat while slightly increasing his muscle mass.

Tester D: Was a young guy with less than one year of bodybuilding experience who got some rather freakish results. He put on 13 lbs of muscle in only 40 days with a loss of bodyfat to boot. (This is not exactly a typical case)

Tester E: Was a 27 year old athlete with 7 years training experience. He started off at 145 pounds at about 6% bodyfat. Over a 6 month period of time he took his scale weight all the way up to 170 pounds while only gaining 1% in bodyfat.

Tester F: Was a 30 year old guy with 9 years of training experience. He gained 7 lbs. in 5 weeks without any increase in fat mass.

To determine if this manual might be right for you ask yourself these questions:

A: Do you feel that you experience any of the problems I’ve described so far?

B: Do you consider yourself a hard training individual?

C: Can you fit in a minimum of 6 weight-training sessions during a 14-day period of time?

D: Are you at least somewhat knowledgeable about diet (you know the difference between protein and carbs) and are you willing to spend 3 out of every 4 days eating at least 500 calories over your maintenance intake?

E: Are you willing to restrict your calories 3 days out of every 14?

F: Are you willing to do one fairly intense cardio or interval session every 14 days?

G: Are you knowledgeable enough about training that you know what exercises like squats, deadlifts, pulldowns, t-bar rows,

H: Do you carry somewhere between 5 and 17% body-fat if you're a male and 10 and 25% bodyfat if you're a female?

If you answered yes to those questions you can probably benefit from this material. The cost of the training manual is only $39.99. To order the hard copy through our secure server just Click Here.

If you have a windows operating system and would prefer the electronic e-book version just Click Here.

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