Table of Contents

Part I- Linear Speed
Speed Is Simple!
How Trainable Is Running Speed Anyway
Gross Motor Skills Vs Fine Motor Skills
Speed = Stride length Times Stride Frequency
Stride Length is King!
Factors Involved In Increasing Ground Reaction Force
Strength = The Backbone
Strength Training Principles
How Strong Is Strong Enough?
What Horsepower Really Looks Like
What Can Strength Do For You?
Building Strength
Muscle Mass Increases For a Speed Athlete? – Blah!
Strength and Its Relationship To Power
Best Exercises?
"Slow" Strength Training Movements vs "Fast" Strength Training Movements
Strength Work and Fatigue
Improving Stride Rate
Top Speed vs Acceleration
Sprinting Technique
Technical cues
The Stride Cycle
Getting Full Extension
The Feet - Heel Running Vs Toe Running
Function Follows Form
Hip Running vs Knee Running
Various Assessments To Ensure Proper Movement Efficiency
Glute Amnesia and Tight Hip Flexors
Assessing the Balance Between the Glutes and Hams
Is The Psoas Muscle Strong Enough?
Evaluating Core Stability
The Execution Of The 40-yard Dash
The Start
Starting From Blocks

Troubleshooting Running Mechanics
Setting up a routine – Volume
Maintaining Movement Proficiency vs Improving Movement Proficiency
Rest Intervals
Making Things Easy
Year Around Training?
Mobility Training
Form Drills
Speed and Acceleration Drills
Plyometric Training
The Entire Athletic Development Process – Being a good diagnostician

Detailed Sample 12 week programs for 40 yard dash improvement
12 week Program I – For the Strength Deficient Athlete
12 week Program II – For The Speed Deficient Athlete
A Simple Yet “Cutting Edge” Variant – Horizontal Loading

Conditioning and No Man’s Land
Power vs Power Endurance
How To Implement Conditioning Without Interfering With Speed and Power
Conditioning Options

Part II- Getting in Game Shape, Improving Game Speed, Agility, and Quickness

Intensive Conditioning – Getting in Game Shape
Improving Game Speed
Improving Quickness and Reaction Time
Improving Agility
Sample Off-season workouts for football
12 Week Program I - For The Strength Dominant Athlete
12 Week Program II - For The Speed Dominant Athlete
Training For Track

Q&A and Special Topics
14 year old with strength and coordination issues
Importance of the plantar flexors
Too much work during the off-season?
The need for special exercises?
Linear vs conjugate periodization
Cleans and other Olympic lifts – Yah or Nay?
Templates for combine preparation
Sport specific training
My 40 yard dash training
How long does it take to see improvements?
Upper body contribution to running speed?

Appendix A: The Simpleton's Guide To Speed Training
Appendix B: Training Templates For Various Athletes
Appendix C: Various resources