10 Habits of Highly Successful Internet DieHards

I can say without reservation, the type of guy that gets online and reads training related material is a lot different psychologically and mentally then Joe Average down at the local gym so this info. is specifically tailored to him.

By getting online and showing an interest in training to the point where you found this article you've already narrowed yourself into a small group. The internet crowd has it's own specific problems and criteria.

1. Don't sweat the small stuff

2. Don't overanalyze- In my experience overanlyzers fail by about a 10:1 ratio. Here's the problem. None of this stuff is complicated to the point where you benefit from thinking about it much at all. In my expereince if you have to think longer than a couple of hours abot your training you're doing more harm than good. Wanna know the 2nd quieckest way to make zero progress for the next 6 months? buy all the training boks you can think of, the more high tech and the fancier language the better. Get a bunch of books and totally immerse yourself i nthem. The overanalytical mindset will no doubt halt your progress for 6 months minimum. Not until you back off, get away, and elminate all the clutter in your head will you progress. I wholeheartedly recommend Malcolm Gladwell's book Blink There have actually been studies done and books written on how trying to apply academic mindsets to perceptive tasks causes more harm than good. For example, if I show you a person's face and ask you to pick the face out of a lineup you'll have no problem doin git. But if I ask you to describe the face in full detail then pick it out of the lineup you'll actually struggle becuase the act of focusing and trying to describe th details inhibits you from seeing the picture. I am convinced the same thing happens with pepole who study training online. The problem is guys who are nerdy academics try to apply the same nerdy academic mindset to training and it doesn't work. Training is about underlything themes and principles - not books and overanalyzation.

3. Get it done

4. Don't let it rule your life- Wanna know the fastest way to make zero progress the next 6 months? Become one of those trainees who does nothing but think and focus about training 24-7 to the point where your whole life revolves around it. Successfl trainees train as part of their life, but training isn't their life.

5. Have a Flexible Plan- Yes it is important that you have a general plan. Write out what you plan ad nd what you plan on doing the next few weeks or months. However, know ahead of time that the chances of your plan working out exactly the way you want or expect it to are less than 10%. You need and should expect to adjust on the fly.

6. thin slice - Successful trainees are able to use logic and reason and figure small things out for themselves. I run an online training service where clients are able to ask me as many questions as they like. I have some clients that ask about 10 questions a day worrying about everything from the knurling on the bar, the height of a box right down to the last millimeter, to what color underwear they're wearing and how it impacts their squat. Then I have clients who I often don't hear from for several weeks at a time. It may seem like an anamoly, but after several years of doing this it's become apparent the guys who don't ask as many questions consistently outgain the rapid firers by about a 10:1 ratio. They're able to see the big picture and don't get caught up in th esmall stuff. They just plan, train, adjust on the fly, and don't freak out over small stuff. Here is a sample email I might get from a successful trainee:

"Hey kelly. Just wanted to let you know I've hit several more PRs these last couple of weeks. I didn't have any boxes at my gym so I've been using the tailgage of my truck for a box. I had finals last week so I missed one workout due to lack of sleep. I figured it would be better for me to get an extra rest then try to train on a toal of 4 hours sleep over 2 nites. In my last Monday's workout I know you had standing presses written in there but a funch of fucktards were using all the bars so I just did standing alternate dumbell presses in their place. My diet has been pretty good. I've stayed on track for the most part, but I slipped up a couple of times and ate pizza a couple of times when I got behind schedule. I figured it would be better to eat something even if it was less than ideal. Overall my bocy composition is still improving though. The gym will be closed tomorrow so I plan on moving tomorrows workout to the following day.

In contrast. This is what a series of questions from a likely to be unsuccessful trainee might look like:

[quote]Hey Kelly, I know you wanted me to do 18 inch box jumps but the only boxes I have are 17.5 inches. Will that .5 inch difference mess up my routine? I know I was supposed to do them tonight but I didn't because I wanted to make sure about the box height.

Hey Kelly, I ate pizza last night. to make up for it I didn't eat anything all day today and I also went out and ran 3 miles. I know I need to gain weight but I didn't want that pizza to make me fat. Do you think that pizza will screw up my progress for th enext month?

Hey kelly, I know you wanted me to do 3 sets of 5 reps on squats but I only got 4 reps on my last set. Do I need to go back to the gym tomorrow and make up for that last rep?

Hey Kelly, The gym is closed tomorrow. What shoudl I do!? I don't want to miss my workouts. If I have to miss will it mess up the training this cycle?

Hey Kelly, last night I ddn't get any sleep becaus eof finals and I dind't have time to eat all day but I went ahead and trained today because I can't miss workouts.

Hey Kelly, i was reading in supertraining how the mechanisoitic nuclear receptors on the triceps surae respond to stretch induced microperioditic loading so I was wondering if it would be better to change my routine to incorporate that?

Hey Kelly, I know you told me to do this squat based routine but last night I was on another forum and I read that squats are bad and xxx is better so do you think I should do that?

This type of trainee is pretty much guaranteed no resutls. As you can see, the majority of these have to do with thinking too much and overanalyzing. [/quote]