How To Transform an Ordinary Joe Into a Speedy, Agile, and Explosive Athlete,  (Without Spending Years Learning How To Do So)

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Dear Fellow Athletes, Coaches, and Parents:


Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you could plug yourself into a transformer and wake up tomorrow as a speedy, agile, explosive, athletic specimen? Imagine rolling out of bed and experiencing what it feels like to be a true athletic freak for a day...having the speed and acceleration of Reggie Bush, the quickness of Allen Iverson, and the grace and explosion of Dwayne Wade?

It's a happy thought isn't it? Unfortunately, creating athletic transformations like these can also be very problematic..............did I say problematic?

Just think...


All the attention.....

All the recognition.....

All the phone calls from recruiters and coaches...

Free trips, workouts, meals......

Yep....very, VERY problematic

Fortunately (or unfortunately depending on your perspective), finding an overnight athletic transformer is about as likely as finding beach front property in Arizona and I'd be the last person to try and sell you one.


I've yet to meet an athlete who didn't want mind-boggling speed, quickness, explosiveness, and athletic ability - and, like you, most people do train hard and coach hard. Yet unfortunately, based on what I see, acquiring speed and athletic ability seems to be a frustrating and sometimes confusing process for the average athlete, parent, and coach.




I was just browsing through an athletic development catalog that contained about 120 pages worth of products and informational material designed to improve speed, agility, and explosiveness: Plyometrics, medicine balls, ladder drills, active isolated stretching, olympic lifting, functional movement screens, power lifting, speed and agility classes, form drills, high speed treadmills, dynamic mobility, creatine, sprinting machines, rubber bands, form running drills, sleds, shoes, russian secrets, soft tissue work… (and the list goes on and on). I thought to myself, "No wonder why people are confused." A lot of good techniques....A lot of gimmicks....just not a lot of faster and more explosive athletes. 


I believe the main reason why most people don't get the improvements they'd like is because they don't have a rock solid plan, a personal road map to follow that will enable them to arrive at their athletic destination. With so many things to learn, so many training methods to choose from, and so many systems all promising to be the answer, what are you supposed to do as an athlete or a coach to ensure you’re on the right path?


Overnight transformers may only exist in movies and dreams but what if you had you a step-by-step personalized blueprint for athletic transformation that was 100% specific to your individual needs as an athlete or coach? One that you could follow or plug your own athletes into, and, in conjunction with a few dedicated hours of training per week, would allow you to meet or even exceed even your wildest athletic goals? Now we're talking reality…


I thought it was time to do my part to help clarify the way that athletes and coaches develop speed and athleticism, so I asked myself the following question: If you had a group of coaches, athletes, and parents in front of you and only had ONE chance to teach them anything you wanted to discuss pertaining to speed and athletic transformations, what would you teach that would enable them to go out and get consistent improvements in themselves and everyone they worked with for years to come? Here is what I came up with:


 The Ultimate No Bull Speed

Development Manual:


"The Athlete Transformation Guide"


In this manual I show you step-by-step how to evaluate, diagnose, and program your body like a high performance machine.  I break the entire athletic development process down into a step-by-step guide anyone can utilize to develop a fast, agile, and EXPLOSIVE athlete, regardless of age or level of experience.  I outline the exact process I go through when evaluating athletes and creating individualized programs.


The Only Gimmick I Have To Offer Is Clarity 


Here are some of the things I will show you: 

●  I'll teach you the most direct way to target the only 2 key components that all training programs must impact.  Plyometrics,  medicine balls, weights, olympic lifts, kettlebells.......Methods are many, but principles are few.  What do all training methods have in common? 

●  I'll show you a nine-step diagnostic testing protocol that you can use to determine precisely how your body is running, what's right with it, what's wrong with it, and how your training should be set up based upon what it tells you. 

  Do you move like a well oiled machine or like a clunky old rusty piece of iron?  I'll teach you how to assess your mobility and address any underlying problems in that department

●  How often do you really need to run, lift, or perform plyometrics? I'll show you a very simple way to determine training frequency

●  I'll teach you the difference between training to gain coordination and training to gain horsepower

●  What looks right also tends to move right -  I'll show you how to identify AND create the optimal body proportions for speed development  

●  Do you move like a car running on flat tires or like skates on ice?  I'll teach you how to assess and develop proper movement efficiency

●  Do you have enough raw horsepower to run fast or are you like a Honda Civic trying to race f-1 race cars? I'll teach you how to determine if you have a big enough motor underneath your hood and show you how to get the horsepower you need if you don't.   

●  Gaining Strength - How difficult does it need to be?  I'll show you how one client of mine doubled his strength training only 30 minutes per week

●  I'm gonna give you the EXACT routine I used to improve my 40 yard dash by over .5 seconds while sprinting only a total of 200 yards per week! – I'll teach you why some people can get significantly faster without running at all!

The truth about sports specific training -  Do you really have to train fast in order to move fast?

 Do you have game speed or just track speed? Are you as quick as you are fast?   I'll show you how to easily determine whether your game speed and agility matches up to your straight line speed and show you how to develop the agility of a cat.


●  I'll teach you a simple fool proof way to 100% accurately monitor training volume without EVER having to tediously count sets, reps, or any other complicated variable. 


 How to analyze your 40 time to target your training focus


 How to develop superior quickness and reaction time.  


   Do you move through your butt or your thighs? ALL great athletes run primarily through their butt and not their quadriceps, hamstrings, or calves! I'll teach you how to determine which group you are in and how to change.


●  I'll show you how to use the depth jump as the ultimate assessment tool


 Do you have good feet?  An athlete with bad feet is like a car with flat tires. No matter how impressive the engine and frame might be, neither are going anywhere in a hurry!  I'll show you how to assess your foot function and teach you how to become as smooth on your feet as a butterfly.


This is a guide that will show you what to do, how to do it, and when to do it.


Not only have I used the exact principles I talk about to improve my own speed and athleticism, but I’ve spent the majority of the last 14 years researching, sorting, testing and applying information on the topic.  I've worked with and consulted with hundreds of athletes from all age groups and levels.  I've seen just about everything and what's left is the good stuff.  I give you the blueprint that it takes to build an explosive athlete.


All great athletes have a few basic things in common: good feet, good coordination, powerful hips, excellent power to bodyweight ratios, good range of motion, and desire....These things when combined put together produce powerful results. I teach you how to zero in on the bulls-eye, the targets your workouts must strike in order to get the results you desire.


The No Bull Speed Development Manual also includes: 


  Over 50 weeks worth of sample workouts - including Warm-ups, Mobility, Strength, Reactive, and Lateral Movement Training - all based on your individual needs


●  How to improve your 40-yard dash from .3 to .5 seconds in 60 days.  


●  The ONLY 3 technical cues you'll ever need to cure any form related ailment - How to easily identify and correct common running errors 


●  The truth about unstable object balls, bosu balls and balance boards...cutting edge or bull?


 Think you need a ton of equipment in order to have an effective athletic development set-up?  Think again!  I'll show you how to develop a complete speed development program using only 3 exercises


●  How to identify and correct the most common lower body strength imbalances


●  Are you lean enough to move fast? Here's how to tell


● How and when to implement specific agility and lateral movement work


●  The ONLY plyometric drill you'll ever need 


●  Why some people should practically live in the squat rack while others should NEVER do squats. How to tell which group you’re in.


●  How NOT to go about implementing a conditioning program - not if you don't wanna be slower than molasses


●  How to properly approach conditioning in your off-season and get in ultimate game-shape before your season starts


All told this is a complete 150 page Athlete Transformation Course

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The fantastic information contained in this manual is tremendously applicable to athletes in a variety of sports:


 ·       Football


·        Basketball


·        Soccer


·        Baseball/Softball


·        Field Hockey


·        Mixed Martial Arts


·        Lacrosse


·        Track & Field


·        Rugby


·        Skiing


·        Volleyball


·        And many more


So how much is it?  Well, I’ve been encouraged to charge as much as $147 for the information in this manual, but since I’m a nice guy I decided to offer it for only $49.97 until Christmas.  However, this offer will end soon so act quickly!


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Kelly Baggett




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