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How to sign up?

We use Clickbank.com as our affiliate program provider. They handle all the billing and check payments. All you have to do is sign up with a free account with them. This is simply an account that gives your name, address (where to send your checks) and you will get a username and password with them.  Once you start making sales you can log in to your clickbank account and see how much you have made 24 hours a day.

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After you get your clickbank username, use the link below to put on your website:


Kellyb is our clickbank username ...

Replace the xxxxx with your clickbank username. Make sure to keep the rest of the link EXACTLY as you see it! Do not erase the?

For example- if your clickbank username was bigdawg - your link would look like this:


NEW - Pop UNDER Ads   (These work great!)

Your visitors will never know something has popped under so they are not annoyed with your web site.

This is NOT a pop up ad that interferes with your web site being viewed

You can add this simple JavaScript to the HTML on your homepage to install a Pop under window. Our web site automatically appears under yours full size .. no one even knows until they close your browers window You will get 40% commssion when someone buys! This way, you easily transform your site into an instant money machine.

Copy and paste this script and paste it between
the <HEAD></HEAD> tags on your Web page

**** REPLACE xxxxx With your clickbank username *****

<script language="JavaScript">
var popunder="http://hop.clickbank.net/?xxxxx/kellyb"
function loadpopunder(){


Here are some easy text links you can use. Just replace the xxxxx with your clickbank username!

The below link will read "Rapidly Improve Your Vertical Jump!" when placed on your website. Remember to replace the xxxxx with your clickbank username.

<a href=http://hop.clickbank.net/?xxxxx/kellyb>
Rapidly Improve Your Vertical Jump! </a>


This link will read "The Worlds Best Vertical Jump Resource” Remember to replace the xxxxx with your clickbank username

<a href=http://hop.clickbank.net/?xxxxx/kellyb>
The Worlds Best Vertical Jump Resource

If you simply want to email someone the link to refer a friend use the simple link:


and replace the xxxxx with your clickbank username